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Tetra Jumping by *RobinKeijzer

As for character creation and illustration "Tetra Jumping" is rich and deep with colouring and livelihood. The character is captured in a unique, interesting fashion showing off her motion of running. It really makes the character look 3 dimensional. As for *RobinKeijzer other work this is far from a one-off creation. The character drawing is confident and real, you can see her badass movement. You can tell that *RobinKeijzer has given this character a lot of thought rather than wasting tedious time with high detail. However even though that sounds like a criticism I truthfully believe that *RobinKeijzer wanted to make this a simple and sketch-like.

As most of *RobinKeijzer's previous work the technique and impact are powerful and cartoon-like. Creating a sense of adventure and stories to-be-told. Although I do not know "Tetra Jumping's" origin and inspiration, *RobinKeijzer really makes me want to look more into this character's origin and get obsessed with the origin. I do understand that the illustration is purely for the expression of the character, however I really would like to see her in a natural background which can help.
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RobinKeijzer Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2013  Professional Digital Artist

Thank you so much ThePeachyPanda  for your eleborate critique :) I'm very pleased to hear you like the image and are intregued to know more. (There will be more, I'm actually hoping to give Tetra her own comic - because she was part of many great adventures). And I indeed intended to keep things sketchy and a bit cartoony; I'm glad you like that too and don't precieve it as an unfinished image.


Thanks again for taking the time to write this!



AviArts Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2013  Student Digital Artist
No problem. I'll be watching your work progress. Hope to see more from you in the future. 
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